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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does the PhD course in Neuroscience last?

Nowadays it lasts 3 years, until the XXXVII cycle it was of 4 years.

  • Are there any in itinere evaluations during the three/four years?

At the end of each year there is an itinere evaluation that consists in the evalutation of the courses/seminars/formative activities attended by the student, his/her personal page, and his/her annual report. Moreover, at the end of the first and at the end of the last year the student has to make an oral presentation of the research of his/her project.

  • How many ECTS must I acquire during my course? And how do I keep track of them? 

See "Syllabus" file in "PhD Student Plan". Each student should keep track of his/her ECTS by him/herself. At the end of each year the didactic commission validates students' ECTS. 

  • Is it compulsory to spend a period abroad for thesis research? 

It is compulsory to spend a period abroad during the PhD course. The period abroad must be at least 3 months. There are exceptions discussed and approved by the teaching commission in case of personal reasons such as family matters and maternity.

  • Is it possible to request an extension/anticipation of the thesis discussion?

Yes. It is possible. The doctoral school can provide indications specifying the cases in which this is possible. See the website of the doctoral school

  • What is the minimum number of articles that must be published in order to obtain a doctorate? Is it necessary to have a first-name article? 

Final-year PhD students are invited to submit a pre-thesis report during the data report meeting that usually takes place one month before the end of their PhD. On that occasion, an ad hoc scientific committee evaluates the work done and the resulting publications. According to the guidelines approved by the neuroscience doctoral scientific board, the doctoral student must have produced at least one first-name article (preferably published in Q1 journals) pertaining to the doctoral thesis in order to be eligible for the thesis submission and final examination. In case the scientific committee judges the requirements are not met, an extension (without grant) must be requested up to 12 months. In any case, the maximum extension requested by the PhD student cannot  exceed 18 months (including periods of suspension for other reasons). see


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