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Since December 2023, the transition of the Missions procedure (request, authorization and settlement) to the "U-WEB MISSIONI" application has been completed for all the Structures of the Medicine Campus, including the Department of Neuroscience to which the Doctorate belongs, of the ESCo – Missions management software.

The service is available to all staff belonging to the Department in possession of active University credentials (SCU) for online access to the application available at the following address:

The application allows you to submit a request for authorization to carry out the mission and request reimbursement of expenses incurred.

The mission process is described in the Operational Guide available at made up of the following documents:
• User handbook
• User Manual
• Authorization manual

To facilitate users, a section dedicated to FAQs has also been set up.

Furthermore, on the website of the relevant Department following the Services - Administration and Accounting - Missions path, in particular under the "Online guides and applications" section, all the material relating to the new service has been published.

Below are some recommendations from the office that manages the missions:

- the mission must take place within the time strictly necessary; any non-compliant behavior (early departure, late return...) must be authorized in advance. In case of early departure and/or postponed return for personal reasons, there will be no changes in the start and end dates of the mission, which must be those strictly linked to the trip. The longer duration of the mission must be justified, authorized in advance, and cannot in any way constitute an economic burden for the administration. To prove the greater cost-effectiveness, the Applicant must also attach, at the time of authorisation, the cost estimates for the trip on the dates on which the mission should have been carried out without changes. For early departure and delayed return due to personal reasons, no refund is due, with the exception of travel expenses only and to the extent that they do not result in an economic burden for the administration;

- use of extraordinary vehicles such as one's own car must always be authorized in advance, reimbursement of mileage, tolls and any parking will only go to the previously authorized person who makes the car available;

- with regards to spending on accommodation/hotels, the tax receipt is required for missions in Italy, for missions abroad the receipt (where possible) and/or proof of payment (e.g. transaction with credit card or bank transfer ), it is not sufficient to simply attach the reservation

- the delivery of paper documentation must be limited only to those practices where there are supporting documents NOT in electronic format (e.g. meal receipts, paper receipts, taxi receipts, etc.) which must necessarily be delivered in original, together with the request for mission and clearance authorization; all supporting documents must in any case be attached online to the payment request.
The headquarters of the Missions Office of the Turin Medicine Center is located at the Molinette Presidium of the Città della Salute e della Scienza University Hospital of Turin, Corso Dogliotti 14 – ground floor – Room no. T126 and is open for delivery from Tuesday to Thursday from 10am to 12pm if out of hours by appointment;

- for missions abroad with currencies other than the euro, we kindly ask you if you can attach evidence of the various transactions in order to reimburse the correct amounts in euros;

For any information you can contact the Staff Contracts and Missions Section of the Medicine Center at the email


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